"A man is happy not because of his surroundings,

but because of the attitude he chooses."


My name is: Julius, Gyula Székely

I'd like to share all of my great experience also in this wonderful World.

One of the best way to do so is Nia!


The wonders of the Universe - The Magic is in You every each of the moment!

Help this feeling of the process also with our dances!




The Nia is You - your body's way in the moment with sensing and feeling.
Very simple easy to do coreographies with free dance on the level you always need it.
You could join in any time into this joyful movements, dance, work out.
Healing and health through movements.
Feel and love your body - to sense that your soul is smiling!
Come and dance together!



For me What is NIA ?    NIA = Now I Am

 HarmoNia - LifeStyle - The Dance of Life

SELFDEVELOPING Ancient Dance, what is showing us our True Self - who we Really are (Healing Art).



• Hollisticly effecting (Body-Mind-Soul-Spirit), creative movements.
Some parts are guided and you still have your freedom to get through each and every moment of your feeling and sences to get the best out of it! Always notice your signs of your body, then move so with pleasure!
The most important is to feel free, dissolved and the Joy of Movements!

• I met NIA already in the US in 1996. As an Artist (from a national gymnast) I went around the whole world. So I put my Show-experiences in all my classes always colorfully. In the other hand I studed most of the Healing Technics. Also I taught:LifeCouch, all kind of Aerobics, Yoga, Capoeira, Fitness for Kids (Fit-Kid) a lot of places through out the world. All of my different kind of experiences I could use very well in my NiaMagic classes. All of my guests are who's coming to move and dance to my class could feel very special feelings why we all going to get home with Freedom and Happyness.

Side-effect: all what we're experiencing in the NiaMagic class in a safe space, we could take it and using it in our whole Life!

• Tipical words for my classes: DANCE, ENERGETIC, HEALING ENERGIE.
Generally starting with free-dance. During dancing I giving some useful information: we are arriving to our Body, Space and the actual Focus. For some of the music we're doing some coreo or just a part of the number to using more the energy of the group. Every class is different: sometimes the free/Soul-dance are more. And other times the easy to follow moves. Here I have to say the 9 basic movements of Nia:

Dance: Modern, Jazz, Duncan

Martial Arts: Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Tai Chi

Healing technics: Jóga, Alexander, Feldenkrais

In Nia every moment we are using levels 1 to 3 - 1 is closer to your core, 3 is far to your core. Watch your body-longuage then choose your level each moment!

At the end of each class all of us going into The Life with freshness, pleasure and new consessness.

I feel good! My Spirit is smiling - My Soul is feeling home in my Body.

I can not see with my eyes more then blurry shapes (sometimes not even that). Nobody can recognize this anyway! In the whole world I am the one Nia teacher who can not see with the eye - and in Hungary the only one male Nia teacher('14). Find this for a reason to try this particular Nia Magic!

• You should wear a dress or close for dance Nia what you're feeling comfortable! I personally using not really an everyday closes (they're made specially for me to dance) - also to make the class more special! You could using extra tissue, scarf, skirt, whatever to feel even more free and specal!
The Nia should be danced on bear feet - you can take it off even your socks!

• PlayShops: in these days are the most important to learn to feel and to sense! The best way to learn is through movements with sounds! In my 3 hours PlayShops we could learn easier with lots of dance, playful exercises and some instrument of Sound Healing.
Suggested for all ages (Male/Female), everybody would come to these team-plays even if never danced before.


• If you'd like to join in my NIA classes - please contact me!

+36 70 432 3770     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.














Get to know other Nia Teachers is well! Always ask your self: which teacher you need it right now!



• Testimonials: Impressions from Julius's Dance

You could also send your impression of Julius classThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Andrea S. wrote:

"For me the Nia is key to my self. Each Nia class I experience and discover something new from my self, what I didn't know before or I knew it in a different way. So my boarders are continuesly getting bigger. My relationship with my self and the others around me also changing.
The dance and energy of Julius so immersive, inspiring, joyful - he can transmitting for us so greatfully. I experience not only the joy of movements - but also my soul can show up freely and express it self through movements.


Tünde K. wrote:

"Why do I like?
- Making strong relationship feeling in the present team - but the same time can be each person stand alone.
- All that love, power, energy and happyness gently emanates from Julius, and with those light movements - he makes us beleive that we can do anything we want to.., 
- even if I'm arriving to the class so tired, after 90min moving I am socking wet, I'll leaving absolutly recharged, and I feel like stay and do some more
-Totally turning me off from the every day matters, I only living in the Now..."


Bea K. wrote:

"In your classes I felt more free and sensed how to be in my body. 
How many things we are capable of. I feel like until now I had an incredible mashine what I had no clue what a wonderful experiences I could have with it. Since I'm doing Nia my sences are more intensive. Everything is more alive: the whole world, the colors, the shapes, the sounds, the moves.Even the "pain" is more interesting. I found out that even the pain have personality.
So I thank you these lot kind of experiences what I could have in your classes.
These are the best things in this life - I mean: this is the life!"


Moni K. wrote:

"This dance have everything what I have tried before but somehow was none of theme the right one...here it is dinamic and touch, but you still on your own dancing out all the spare energie...have also fire, flames but also silence....have all for me in this dance..
Gives me much more then coreo and moves....and I think for all of us who takes Julius class...."


Ibolya K. wrote:

"In Julius NIA dance I get together with the whole of my self in a higher level.
My body is moving, flowting, sometimes only with just a little rezonance. My soul is flying. I find my limits and every part of my body enjoying that flow. I feel in my self the naughty little girl, and the same time the warrior, amazon, and the strong and beautiful woman, the cheeky little girl, the Lady in Love, the Happyness. 
The NIA with Julius it is a present for my Body and my Soul!"



NiaMagic Video's



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NiaMagic Dance with Julius

Out-Door and In-Door 2012

Free NiaMagic Dance with Julius in 

Margaret-Island 2013 May Budapest

Nia as HarmoNia   3hours PlayShop  

with Julius  2013 Okt. Budapest



Nia as HarmoNia   3hours PlayShop  

with Julius  2013 Nov. Pécs -Hun-

  Nia and The LovingLanguages  3hours PlayShop  

with Julius  2013 Dec. Budapest - Hungary

 Nia + Yoga weekend - Három Kincs Völgye 2014 Aug





Nia+Yoga Retreat 2014 Aug.15-17.

with Jullius and Andi



Nia retreat with IldiNia in Karnten -Austria'14




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