• My name is Julius, Gyula Székely. Borned in Hungary with a genetical eye-problem (Cornea Distrophy). I can see blury, fogy -sometimes not even that.
Not even this was holding back to traveling all over the world since I was 20 years old mostly as an Artist, Masseur, Fitness Trainer, Aerobic Instructor… I've been learning each places about healing from masters and also in universities.

• My gifts basically: Space-Sencer, Matrix Mover. I see and I communicating with parallel and different worlds/lifes, past/present/future in different languages and voices.

• The sessions are in dressed. Could be half, 1, 1,5 or 2 hours each occasion. Starts when you're arrive - finishing when you leave.
Generally starts with talking, calming and trusting. The Ego must also understanding things what is the Ego's job (to be in time, working on computer…). Always looking for logical connection, always want to know why.
Continuing in place or on the massage table. From here the subconscious taking importancy as I connecting with peace, harmony and sounds. I also using Soundtheraphyan tools as Gong, plates, koshi, drum and my own voice. So - Hollisticly (Body, Soul, Spirit) - could heal all life in Earth. Incuding: broken bones, stretched/pulled muscle, depress, panic, cancer, autoimmune… In these days everyone knows that all the sickness based on soul problems: psycho-somatic. The most usual case based on stress. Also in this case I could help successfully.
Can be one session or can be more. Each time will be a different experience. Can be gently touch, ticklish, painful point, moving as tai-chi, yoga or dance.
Only happening what it should happen - no less and no more.
Even if somebody skeptic, do not believe - will have effection what going to lost for shorter time as a believer.
If someone like to get massage with oil - it is included. Only say it before the treatment!

• I studied also: physiologie, para-physiologie, psychi-surgery, kineziologie, reflexologie, naturopath, physiotherapist, all kind of massage.

• What problems you can come
Nearly every problem happens when you lose your way in your own life (or you haven't even found it yet); or the doctor says that they can't help you... Example: Couples can’t have child; pregnancy problem; can not recover after an accident; eye-vision problems; want to use your third-eye; cancer; leucemia; even with broken bone or muscle... All the sick/illness of the physical body is coming from our Soul, Feeling, Mind. If we treat those, then we'll find ourself in health.
So - you could visit me when you feel or sense that you should visit me (you've got a call)! If you do so - does not matter what is the problem - for sure You will receive the help you need!



• The physical body is only about 3% of our body - the other parts could be all over the universe. I can get in contact with all of your other parts that we need to heal on you. So basically you can talk or be quite - the healing is continously happening rather phisically untouched or so. Can be seated or laying position. All the Energie goes through me is checked and safe - Me and my Helpers will take care of you to getting well in your Body and get closer to your True Self to solve the present problem.

Because I am comunicating with different Lifes and also asking they're help - this is the way to say good bye to cancer and all other sickness.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

• I also have the talent to comunicating with life who wants to born down to Earth or they're already in the Mother. During pregnancy the problems can be solved too!

• At the end of session you will recover with all the fresh positive energies in you - so you will see your life in a better angle, feel light and happy - getting solutions, resolving problems.


After the treatment please plan some time for your own to relax and drink more water!

For any other questions - please call me!

+36 70 432 3770

Austrian contact call - Rosa: +43 699 1590 2349





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