• My name is Julius, Gyula Székely. Borned in Hungary with a genetical eye-problem (Cornea Distrophy). I can see blury, fogy -sometimes not even that.
Nothing was holding back to traveling all over the world since I was 20 years old mostly as an Artist, Masseur, Fitness Trainer, Aerobic Instructor… I've been learning each places about healing from masters and also in universities.

• My gifts basically: Space-Sencer, Matrix Mover. I see and I communicating with parallel and other worlds/lifes in different languages and voices. What can also be meaning the past/present/future. All these capabilities giving me the possibilities to help hollisticly. You can truly understand your problem only if you're ready for it. The Body can heal the Soul and opposite. My help is based on making choices and communicate from a place of love. My Clairvoyant wiew, My Healing Energies, My Knowledge and My experience all together are my help for you.

• The sessions are in dressed. The suggested time is 2 hours per occasion. Starts at your arriving - ending when you leave. Only my presence or my observing can helpful.
Always talking at the beginning - it is very important that my guest "arriving".
Continuing in place or on the massage table. From here the subconscious taking importancy as I connecting with peace, harmony and sounds. I also using Soundtheraphyan tools as gong, plates, koshi, drum and my own voice. So - Hollisticly (Body,Mind, Soul, Spirit) - could heal all life in Earth. Including: broken bones, stretched/pulled muscle, depress, panic, cancer, autoimmune, couples can’t have child; pregnancy problem; can not recover after an accident; eye-vision problems; want to use your third-eye; cancer; leucemia;… In these days everyone knows that all the sickness based on soul problems: psycho-somatic. The most usual case based on stress. Also in this case I could help successfully.
For me it is important to use universal energies (as Prana, Reiki…) but also the human body's self healing process. That's why I like to use the Cranio Sacral Therapy too.

If someone like to get massage with oil - it is included. Only say it before the treatment!

• I studied also: physiologie, para-physiologie, psychi-surgery, kineziologie, reflexologie, naturopath, physiotherapist, all kind of massage (Ma-Uri, Lomi, Thai, Ayurvedic…) and Cranio Sacral Therapy.

In my Guests eyes I see that Smile, Freedom, Joy and Happyness when they're leave - showing me that My Help is really need it. The real healing in humans is Happyness - Leave Your Life in Happyness!

• I also have the talent to comunicating with life who wants to born down to Earth or they're already in the Mother. During pregnancy the problems can be solved too!

• At the end of session you will recover with all the fresh positive energies in you - so you will see your life in a better angle, feel light and happy - getting solutions, resolving problems.


After the treatment please plan some time for your own to relax and drink more water!

For any other questions - please call me!

+36 70 432 3770






Do not believe that you're selfish if you place your self at first! - In this case could help you The Tree :


Try to imagine a nice big tree...

1 - You know that the Tree can get strong and big like it is only if selfish with the roots - get all what it needs
2 - in the middle in the Trunk gets strong - creating its own power

3 - finally in the Crown/Foliage can share it

So now - try to imagin your self, your life... 

• • •


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